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Corporate World - 

The Cotton's Centre

January  2018

Having always been involved with the corporate world it was good to get back to work on a large event in a great space over the river in London.

We worked alongside two companies, The Realisation Group and Harrington Starr. We had gained this event from a recommendation from a guest at a party we had managed back in September the previous year. 

This was quite a large event over 100 people, we had limited time to work on the event space for set up due to it being used up until 4pm with guests arriving around 5.45pm.

Amber Events team worked to schedule and managed to get ready to go for guests arrival. We ran a bar serving drinks and had a selection of tasty canapés from an around the world selection to entice our city clients and guests.

With this sort of event you need your A team as there is always a mass serge on arrival and you don’t want anyone waiting for anything. Fortunately, we have the A team and again we had very happy clients.    

Colin Slight MD - The Realisation Group said 'We hired Amber Events for the first time for our Fintech conference in January. Great crew, great food, great service. Will be our first choice for events in the future'.

      Ben's 16th Birthday

      November  2017

      This event had been discussed back in the summer after much thought the client had decided to postpone till Ben was 18 as they didn’t want the expense twice and thought it might be better and he would enjoy it more at that age. 

      Needless to say Ben had an amazing night as did his friends - one lucky boy I might add, they are definitely going to have to do it again as they have a beautiful younger daughter who has already set her sights on a big bash and no doubt Ben’s 18th will be even more extravagant.

      Cary my client ( Ben’s mum ) is a lady who knows what she wants and a budget set by her husband soon disappeared into infinity. (I like your style) We worked on this event, which became more like a production for about 5 days with install and break down.

      A marquee was erected on the back of the house coming of the games room which was to be used during the party. Cary had a beautiful wooden floor which she didn’t want trampled on so we decided the best option was to lay event carpet throughout the large room, therefore enabling no panic on the night. The marquee was built around an outside bar, the whole logistics of the party worked perfectly.

      We had a team of 8 on the night everyone worked tirelessly till into the early hours - I came away very happy as I was over the moon and so was the client. A great night.     

          Vicky and Andy's 40th

          June 2017

          Vicky had not long moved into a beautiful new house, she had a spacious downstairs kitchen with a large glass extension on the back allowing us to erect a marquee attached to the house. This made a spacious area all ready to entertain.

          Vicky had decided she wanted most of my suggestions - we managed to work wonders within a limited budget.

          The night was a roaring success the marquee looked fabulous and boy do these people know how to party!

          We’d had a cocktail bar installed with two mixologist in the glass extension, Spud our resident chef and his assistant Lou in the kitchen making the most wonderful canapés.

          James the DJ rocked the marquee  - quite literally & myself and my wing woman Tracey tending to all the fun guests.

          Amber Events team had great feedback from this event and by Monday/Tuesday of the following week, everything had gone and you would never have known there had been a party. 

          Vicky and Andy were delighted with everything, they were especially complimentary on our catering team they couldn’t believe that over 500 canapés had been made fresh on site and yet you would never have known anyone had been in the kitchen.

              Ibiza Wedding

              May 2017

              Amber Events was asked by a potential client to source a wedding venue . Our team have a wealth of experience of the island so it wasn’t to difficult to suggest suitable venues.

              After going back to Zoe with five options and chatting some more , I really started to understand exactly what she wanted for her special day - one big party !
              I knew then if it worked with the budget there was only one place - PIKES

              Our team has a fabulous relationship with Pikes and after a few conference calls , we struck a deal and placed a deposit down.
              Zoe and her husband to be had not visited Pikes before and were really going on my recommendation, fortunately they decided to holiday on the island the summer before May 2017 and did a site visit that I had arranged for them. Needless to say they loved it so it was full steam ahead.

              Over the next ten months Zoe and I met on a regular basis a created her dream day.

              We even flew our own decorations out there and made them on site !
              The whole hotel was hired exclusively to us and over 60 guests arrived the day before to a Wham themed BBQ and party. The fun didn’t stop from there onwards it was a magical experience albeit tiring - something I will never forget as I am sure they won’t .

              Whilst working on this event we worked on another wedding in Ibiza which was a roaring success and on the mainland another one in Estepona.

                  Golden Wedding Anniversary -

                  Family BBQ

                  July 2016

                  The client came to us at the end of June wanting to provide a celebration for her parents who help care for her children whilst she works. Jo wanted something simple and thoughtful with a nod to the golden wedding , something that the close family would all enjoy.

                  I went on a site visit, chatted with Jo to get an understanding of what would appeal to her parents and make them feel special on their day. I took some measurements and off I went.

                  Small , Simple , thoughtful but effective and detailed (was my mood board).

                  Again going back a week later with my thoughts and plans - fortunately Jo loved my ideas and was happy to work with the budget.

                  Beavering away in our workshop we made some beautiful decorations from scratch. We got foam flowers and sprayed them gold , mixing them in colour in gold cages, bought beautiful materials to dress the staircase for photograph opportunities.
                  Also working with our client we created 50 memories of photographs and made them into polaroid like pictures and placed them on a heart washing line. 

                  A fantastic BBQ was served by our chef - another happy client.

                      Jo's 40th Birthday

                      January 2016

                      I was asked quite late in December to create an extravaganza for my clients forthcoming 4Oth birthday in January The family are extremely busy and have a large house so I knew I had to come up with something special pretty quickly.

                      I went round and had a site meeting, took some measurements and returned to base to get my creative head on. Jo was precise on the sort of event she wanted I now had to put it into action.

                      About a week later I presented Jo with a powerpoint presentation detailing how I thought the layout should be and the event furniture, lighting , catering ,staffing and DJ. To my delight we agreed on most things. Now time to put my vision to reality.

                      Creating the event started probably about three days before it was on. I worked with 6 other companies to create this party , all well trusted aids.

                      We had two bars (one cocktail & one for beers and sprits ) over 400 glasses , Led furniture throughout in different colours, white led dance floor a photo-both, catering team serving canapés and later a midnight kebab stall in the garden.
                      The house was floodlight and we had about 11 staff , catering , waitressing and tending to the bar- some of which were dressed smartly in velvet playsuits with a green fascinator.

                      The party was a huge success and Amber Events got rave reviews , the breakdown was tireless however our team ensured to leave the house exactly as we had found it , recycling and all.

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